Saturday, July 13, 2013

Late Night Recap

Sawadeeka from Bangkok! We are halfway through our 10 hour layover in Bangkok on our way home...I can't believe the trip has come to an end so quickly! Since we haven't posted for a while here is a quick update while I wait (not much is open in the airport at 4am..)

We continued our teaching with the same schedule as last week but there was a definite rush and tension from the whole team as we knew our trip was already coming to a close soon. After picking up our final member, Noreen, on Sunday night the team was complete and poised for God's work. One of our biggest conerns this trip was finding a time to formally share the gospel with the students and after many conversations and moving of the time/day from the administration we were given Wednesday afternoon! (they told us on Monday after school) My mind was immediately in panick mode thinking about how we were going to put it all together in a short time but God soon reassured me me that we had all been preparing for this in all the trainings from before we came. With excitement, late night practices and lots of prayer, our program was ready with Body Worship, a testimony from Kevin, singing, Lamb of God skit and the EvangeCube presented by Caleb. That afternoon The Lord brought more than 70 students to the Sanuk Sanuk Party! Despite no immediate salvation decisions, I am confident in the Holy Spirit's work among the students and staff at Jian Hua. 

On Thursday morning we were given the opportunity to sing and pray during the schools morning assembly time. Each morning a time for Christians are given after the Bhuddist students say their morning prayers. We sang You Are Holy(Prince of Peace) and although the students did not necessarily understand our singing it was enough to encourage them in prayer. I am reminded of Paul's Prayer for the Ephesians church which is my prayer for the Christian students of Jian Hua. I pray that they will be steadfast in their faith and I think God sent us to encourage those already believing as well as to minister to the lost. Just as Paul encouraged the churches to stay strong in their faith despite the strong Bhuddist hold on Thailand. 

The airport is waking up and so is the team so I will say "ta ta for now"! Thank you for all your love and support! See you all soon! 


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