Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hello family and friends,

Wow, it's kind of crazy to think that it's already Wednesday night!  The days are going by so fast!  Today we didn't have any morning classes so we had the opportunity to go on a prayer walk around the community/area where we are staying.  It was a very eye opening experience because I could see how much that people of Thailand needed to hear about the gospel and how much they needed God.  As I was walking around, I felt that God was putting on my heart to pray for the people of the community, to pray against all the idols and the enemy, to pray for the king, and to pray for the Christians who are already here in Thailand. 

Prayer Requests for Thailand:
-People/community: Pray that God would work and move in the hearts of the people of Thailand so that they may know and receive Jesus as their personal savior.
-Idols/temples: Pray against the enemy, against the idols, and against the temples.  Satan has such a strong hold on the hearts and minds of the people of Thailand so pray that God would bind the hands of Satan so that wouldn't need to rely on or worship these false idols and gods.
-King: Pray that God would move in the heart of the king because the king has such a strong influence on the people of Thailand.
-Christians/churches: Pray for the Christians and churches that are already here in Thailand.  Pray that God would give them strength to continue to do His work.  The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.  Pray that God would continue to use His servants/messengers to be the light to those who are lost in the darkness.

After the prayer walk, we headed down to Maesai, which is at the border of Thailand and Burma.  We had the opportunity to visit "MoBoSo" which is a school that the Thailand team has taught at for the past two years.  It brought me great joy to see the teachers, to see all the students, and to eat some good cafeteria food!  It definitely brought back a lot of good memories.  One thing that was a huge encouragement and blessing to see was the team members, who are first timers, just engaging and hanging with the students as if they have known them for a while.  We weren't at MoBoSo for very long but I think we'll be going back next week so I can't wait!  After we left the school, we walked around all of the street markets and ended up eating some very delicious baos at a small restaurant.  Then we had to head back and get ready to teach for the night classes that some of our teaching groups had.  All in all it was a very long but fun day.

Okay its time for bed but before that, Happy Independence Day!  Have a safe and fun Fourth of July! #America! #USA

God bless,

-Caleb (KK)

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