Prayer & Financial Support Letter

 Hi There!

We are excited to tell you that we are part of a mission team from our church, First Chinese
Baptist Church-LA, going to Chiang Rai, Thailand, from June 26 to July 14, 2013. We are writing to ask if you can support us through prayer and finances.

This year’s team is composed of collegians from various schools and grades. We will be going to Giang Hua Senior High to teach conversational English, hold after-school tutoring, and host a weekend evangelistic party. There are 1500+ students, and we hope to have opportunities to share the gospel with many. We are looking forward to how God will use us as his ambassadors.

Thailand is an “open” country and we are permitted to share our faith. However, the Thai people are immersed in a culture of Buddhism. Only 1.1% of the population is Christian. We know of three challenges: 1) accepting Christ will mean questioning and/or abandoning a lifelong religion and possible renouncement by the family,
2) communicating Christ to people who view our faith as one of Westerners, and 3) we are communicating to Thais whose English is limited.

To overcome all these barriers, the most important thing we will need is prayer. We are not able to do God’s work without the support of our fellow brothers and sisters praying for us. We are each seeking 20 people to commit to the task of praying for the team.

Pray in THAI:
·       Team: Ask God that we will be unified as a traveling body of Christ. Despite our individual uniqueness, harmony, love and encouragement will exist amongst us.
·       Heart: Pray that we will have a heart for the Thai people. May we have compassion for the lost as Christ does (Mt 9:36), willing to die to ourselves for the message of Christ.
·       Alignment: We desire to be in step with God’s will and led by the Holy Spirit. May we be humble in prayer, rely upon the Lord, and respond as God leads.
·       Impact: Pray that this trip will have lasting spiritual impact for the lives of the Thais and also for each team member. Pray that lives will be transformed. May the Thais be drawn into a relationship with God; may each team member grown in faith and obedience to our Lord.

The Thailand Team will also appreciate any financial support you are prayerfully led to give. The individual cost is about $1700, and that covers airfare, lodging, food, local transportation, and supplies for ministry events. Any amount the Lord leads you to give will be appreciated. [Please complete the bottom portion for any support.]

We hope you will partner with our team. You can follow our blog ( to see weekly team updates and prayer requests. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Going in Christ’s Name,

Kara L, Esther Y, Jacob J, Jimmy T, Cindy Z, Ian K, Joyce L, Elliott L, Jennifer C, Noreen L, John & Doris C.

Sign me up! I am supporting the 2013 Thailand Mission Team.

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Please indicate the team member supplying you this letter:       
         Kara | Esther | Jacob | Jimmy | Cindy | Ian | Joyce | Elliott | Jennifer | Noreen | John | Doris | @ Fundraiser | n/a

          I will commit to pray for the team and this trip.            
          I will financially support this trip in the amount of $                               
(Please make checks payable to First Chinese Baptist Church-L.A., leaving the memo line blank).
Responses for prayer and finances may be delivered to a team member or mailed to:
First Chinese Baptist Church | c/o Min. John Chow | 942 Yale Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012),

Thank you. Please return this portion by June 9, 2013.

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