Monday, July 1, 2013

Swatdee Khrab (Hello!)

Thailand Update Tuesday July 2nd

Hello Friends and Family,

What a crazy few days it has been! From the 18 hours it too us to arrive in Chaing Rei God has continually kept us busy and active. I feel that I've been here for 2 weeks already through all experiences we have encountered, as this was just a glimpse of the Thai Culture. As you can see from the pictures below God has truly been able to work on this trip.

On the first day we arrived, our missionaries here, took us to an elephant farm where we were able to ride elephants! What a blessing and an adventure! The next day (Sunday) we visited an Orphanage where I God really touched my heart. The simplest of things such as games and balloons can bring so much joy to these kids faces. I'm excited to see them again soon in the upcoming week as we will take them out to eat and they will experience their first buffet! Lastly, on Monday was the first day of teaching english at Jian Hwa Vocational School and boy was it busy yesterday! My group had two classes in day time and one in the late evening. It was a progression in getting comfortable with the students as each class went by, but in the last class of the day, the jitters went away and I'm exciting to continue to build relationships throughout this week. So today is my rest day with one class in the afternoon (it is about 10:30 now), time for me to play some basketball and grub with the students.

Until next time! Khrap Kum Khrap (Thank you!),

Prayer Requests
- God will open doors for us to be able to share to the Thai students, unlike the past we do no have a formal time slot to share, so pray that god will insert confidence in our hearts to get to know the students
- Growth in Teaching English. That through how I act and approach the students, I can be a shining example of Christ when I teach. Also, that I can be clear in how I present basic introduction conversation.
- Health. It sure is humid and hot here. So pray for the whole team that everyone will continually be healthy and hydrated.

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